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Du Barry by Celia Vicente.

Du Barry by Celia Vicente.

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Roturas o defectos en cocción

Hilario Pottery no se hace responsable de posibles roturas o defectos de las piezas en la cocción.

En el proceso de creación de piezas cerámicas son muchos los factores que influyen y en ocasiones las piezas no salen como esperamos, es por esto que Hilario Pottery no puede hacerse responsable del acabado final de las piezas.

Terms and Conditions.

The reservation includes participation in the ceramic workshop and food that could vary according to the schedule.
Materials and cooking:
All the materials and the firing of the pieces is included in the price.
The pieces can be picked up at the indicated address approximately 3 weeks later, we will send an email when they are ready to be picked up and they will be kept for a maximum of 1 month from the date the notice is sent.
Once the reservation is made, no refunds will be accepted.
It will be possible to change the holder of the reservation (someone else comes in your place) or
Redeem for a voucher at the Hilario or Yaru online store or
Save the reservation for the next event (the dates are not defined).
If for any reason the organizers could not carry out the event, they will be notified in advance and the money will be refunded.

María Antonieta nace para dar color al día doméstico, inspirada en el encanto y alegría que evocan los postres y salados  más finos y queridos.Esta línea de cerámica ha sido cuidadosamente diseñada para capturar la esencia de la repostería, combinando la belleza visual con la funcionalidad y la elegancia del arte cerámico.

Pieza única realizada por Celia Vicente.

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hilario studio pottery

Ceramics, Tapas & Wines ®

Materials and tools.

You should not bring anything, we will give you everything you need to carry out the workshop.

Free wine pairing.

You will be able to enjoy free and unlimited national wines during the workshop.


During the workshop there will be a variety of pastries, coffee, juices, cava, cheeses and wine. Depending on the registration schedule, the products may vary.

Baked and Glazed.

Once your pieces are finished, we will take care of baking and glazing them so that in two weeks you can come and pick them up.