We are Pedro (right) Interior Designer and Germán (left) Graphic Artist. More than eleven years ago we chose a truck together and decided to take a new direction in our lives, we put aside everything known to embark on what we were really passionate about and made us happy to do, that is why with a lot of work and effort we created Hilario .

Hilario is a concept where we combine our ancient knowledge and innovative techniques with different types of materials with the aim of creating unique objects.

We believe that the objects that surround us tell stories and accompany us as witnesses of our lives, which is why it is so special for us to be able to be part of this great project.

All our pieces are manufactured by ourselves in our workshop in Malasaña, in the heart of Madrid, each of these pieces goes through a long journey until the magic begins to be seen when the oven cools down and new pieces are born and come to life. everyday of all our clients.